PROJECT OPERA W – an essay by Universitätsmusikdirektor Philipp Amelung


How did this come about? The parent of my dad? Say how did I end up? A mummy to my dad? A chrochety old codger! He is meant to be my father. He should be at hand for me. Not a burdon he should rather be my hero for my little girl and me. I should not be in charge as a parent for my dad. Is it my fault that he is aged? Is it my fault things are bad? Is it my fault that he is muddled? Is it my fault that no-one else can help my dad? He is grouchy, he is grumpy, his good nature disappeared, he’s away with fairies. He’s eccentric and weird. Yes even if I was the only he had. I refuse to become a mummy to my dad! I think of what I had: a father warm and glad. It makes me very sad, the parent of my dad. (Libretto by Klas Abrahamsson. Translation: Ann Henning Jocelyn)



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