In 2015 I was commissioned by SONOS Chamber Orchestra to compose a concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra. It was premiered in May 2016 in Merkin Hall, New York, USA. Piano Duo Yoo+Kim was soloists together with SONOS Chamber Orchestra and Erik Ochsner, conductor. I later that year revised the work with some minor changes and it was given a new performance in January of 2017 in Miami, Florida, USA. I want to be able to present this work elsewhere and are prepared to do another revision for a future world premier. Send me a serious suggestion note via my Contact page and we can discuss how to proceed. The score is not yet published since I want to have the opportunity of doing a major revision in connection with a new premier. On this page you can take part of some excepts of performances and scores. I can provide more material in a liaison concerning a possible world premier.

Duration: approx. 23 minutes in three movements.

Scored for: Flute/Piccola*, Oboe/English Horn*, Clarinet, Horn, 2Trumpets, Trombone**, Tuba. Percussion (2 players) & Strings.

*] Alternating **] Bass Trombone alternating




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