• New commissioned confirmed!

    I’m very happy to announce a new collaboration with the cathedral of Karlstad, Sweden, who commissioned a new big choral piece with a duration of 10 minutes:

    “The Four Elements” for mixed choir a cappella

    It will be in four movements with each of the elements connecting to a certain passage in the bible,

    both from the Old Testament as the New Testament.

    It’s very inspiring to see that despite the Corona pandemic there still are those who looks beyond these crises and venture nevertheless. Heads up for Karlstad cathedral and the choir “Karlstad Motettsällskap” and their musical director: Jörgen Martinsson.

  • My debut on Sony Music label!

    I’m thrilled to announce my first title on Sony Music’s classical label. The World Choir for Peace and their artistic director Nicol Matt

    just released a double-CD called “Peaceful choir” with contemporary choral music where my piece “Alleluia” is included.

    Read more on their website:

  • Prospects!

    In these uncertain times it’s easy to loose hope. The cultural section has especially been damage by the partial closing of societies due to the Corona virus. Very few concerts are being held with limited audiences and conditions. The plans for the future are also affected when everyone is so unsettled by what the futurity might bring in form of regulations and restrictions. One has to be a hard-bitten person not to be negatively influenced by this situation. But as a composer I have to keep an open heart and trust that there will be better times when my music anew can prosper around churches, concert halls and different venues. These crises has not affected my need to express myself by music and I feel very blessed having several big projects to work on while the live music world is put on hold.

    The big projects are; Stabat Mater for 2 soloists, Mixed choir & Orchestra commissioned by Aiken University, South Carolina, USA. Gloria for 2 soloists, mixed choir & orchestra commissioned by Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz, Germany and St Matthew Passion for 6 soloists, Mixed Choir and Orchestra commissioned by Helsingborg’s pastorat, Sweden. Two days ago I got a new commission – will tell you in a new blog post very soon!

  • More music out!

    My collaboration with the main Norwegian publisher: Norsk Musikforlag continues.

    Now there are four brand new editions out:

    My first song cycle (composed in 2010) “Våren” (“Spring”) with lyrics by Stig Dagerman

    is now available for both low voice (original) as for a high voice.

    In 2018 I got a commission for new communion motets for choir by

    Nacka församling (Nacka parish) in Stockholm.

    I delivered them during 2018-2019 and they are now published in this collection called

    “I Din nåd” (“In Thy Mercy”) from the name by one of the motets.

    As stated earlier on this blog my Vocalise for high soprano & organ is released:

    All publications are available as both hard copies as well as digital downloads so they are

    easily to purchase from any country around the world!

  • New piece out ! – Vocalise for soprano & organ

    It’s been a while – but now I’m back! There are a lot of new editions about to be released on Norsk Musikforlag. First is a Vocalise for soprano solo & organ. It was just recently recorded on the CD “Nordic Journey Vol.IX” with Dr. James D Hicks at the organ and Helena Ek, soprano solo. If you go to the given link you can listen to an excerpt from the recording. It’s available both as a digital copy or as a hard copy!

  • Songs from the past

    Since early on I’ve composed music for solo voice & piano. Last fall I decided to record some of them and eventually also publish them. They are all in Swedish but in this video there are a translation in English included. This song, “Nu slår en blomma ut” (Now a flower is blooming”) is the first one in a song cycle of three with lyrics by the Swedish author & lyricist Stig Dagerman which I composed 2010.


    Here is just a short note from me staying in quarantine (at my home) upon my return from Cortona, Italy, where I stayed for an inspirational two weeks of composing. All my concerts the next couple of months are cancelled due to the enormous crises that are spreading around the globe with the Corona virus outbreak. Despite this situation I am working confidently with my different projects and hope for a better future ahead. I wish everyone good health and strength to endure these hard times. Ironically I came home from the beautiful landscape of Toscana and the picturesque city called Cortona just to find myself being in the midst of the horrible Corona pandemic. Take care everyone!

  • St John Passion is now available!

    I’m very proud to announce that the English version of Johannespassionen, St John Passion is available for purchase. Both the Vocal score and Full score can now be ordered. This passion was commissioned in 2015 by 13 different churches in Sweden. It’s scored for Mixed choir (SATB), 4 soloists, Wind quintet and organ. The duration is about an hour. Besides the Gospel from St John it includes hymns from the Swedish Hymn book (The Church of Sweden) in brand new translations by John Hearne. It’s my belief that this passion is possible for good amateur choirs to perform. Last fall there was made a recording of the work in Cincinnati, Ohio that will be published this coming fall. Meanwhile there is a very good recording on the Swedish original version which one can buy as a CD or listen to immediately via Youtube or Spotify.


    Dr James D Hicks is on a recording mission in both Denmark and Sweden during February.. These recordings are a part of his enormous project going back since 2009: “The Nordic Journey” which by now includes 8 volumes of CD’s, many of them double CD’s. Full of hidden gems from the past as newly commissioned pieces from a wide range of composers from Nordic Lands. In this latest recording, from Örebro in Sweden, James has recorded two commissions by my pen: “Fanfare & Chaconne” for organ solo and “Vocalise” for organ and soprano solo. The last piece originates from my big Organ Symphony which James premiered in 2016. Both these pieces are to be published on Norsk Musikforlag!

    Örebro Olaus Petri Church

    James D Hicks, organ & Helena Ek, soprano

  • An update from a very busy composer

    I wish I had more time to write on this blog but I’m all swamped with different tasks. Right now I’m in Italy for a few weeks involving myself in finishing up different major projects. It concerns both the revision of “A Swedish St Mark Passion” (which I told you about in my latest blog post) as the final orchestration of “Stabat Mater”. At the same time I’ve started out working on two other big commissions, “St Matthew Passion” and “Gloria” both bigger pieces for choir, soloists and orchestra. But even more, there are several minor works to deal with on their way to be published, proof readings, contracts and other stuff. I’m so happy being in a situation where my music matters, still, sometimes I wonder where I can find time for all of this. It’s a struggle, but a fine one! Now it’s been almost a month since my last update, I will have to be better on this but at the same time you will by now know why I am a bit behind!

    Here is a photo from Cortona in Tuscany, Italy where I’m staying right now. FST (The association of Swedish Composers) owns a flat here with a studio which members can use free of charge. It’s a very inspirational and relaxing environment to be a part of and I feel very blessed to be able to have this working situation..

  • En svensk Markuspassion/A Swedish St Mark Passion

    I’m very proud of the fact that I was the first composer ever to introduce a Soprano voice in the role of an Evangelist in a Passion. I did that back in 2003 when I began composing “En svensk Markuspassion” (A Swedish St Mark Passion) which resulted in the world premier on April 4th, 2004. This passion was also unique since it was based on the Swedish language together with strong influences of Swedish folk music, baroque, romanticism, modernism and other musical outputs. It is scored for two choirs but one of them only appears in the opening and closing movements; a descant-choir in unison. The Mixed choir also plays the role of the Mob, the Disciples, High priests and so on, as well as performing some of the minor soloists like Peter, The Maiden and Pilate. Christ is sung by a baritone soloist. A small chamber ensemble consists of an Oboe, Bassoon, String quintet and organ. I am right now doing a reversion of the piece which will have its world premiere on April 4th (Falun) & 5th (Stockholm) where I am also going to participate as the organist. I’m very much looking forward to this!

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