• Requiem in an organ version available!

    In 2007 I composed the Requiem for Mixed choir, 2 Solists (Soprano & Bass), 2 Horns, Timpani and strings. It was premiered on the 4th of November in Stockholm. Besides performances in Sweden it has been done in Germany, Norway and USA and the UK. With this new version, for organ instead of about 25 musician in an orchestra, my hope is that it will have even further possibilities for performances around the world. The Requiem is originally written in Swedish with the traditional Latin texts from the Mass. This version also includes the English adaption. It´s published on Gehrmans. If you want to order from abroad go to this link! They ship worldwide. The singers use the already published Vocal score which you find here (Swedish) and here (English). The Conductor and the Organist use the special version.

    Pie Jesu movement from Requiem

  • A case of revision!

    In 2003 I started composing what would become my first major piece: “A Swedish St Mark Passion”. I had a long time before wondered why there were not any Swedish setting of one of the most important storys to tell in christianity. I had by then worked almost 20 year as an organist within the church of Sweden and felt strongly that I wanted to make a contribution. At the same time I felt the importance of adding something new to the repertoire. My first vision was that a soprano soloist should do the part of the Evangelist. It had never been done before in music history. I also wanted the work to be influenced by Swedish folk music where women always had played a significant role. The hymns included were well known Swedish folk tunes. I also used the idioms of Baroque era, this one can tell by the musical structure and the polyphonic way of writing. To these components I added a lot of my own musical style that I had developed through the years, a style that could be characterized as filled with contrasts and mixed influences. Also quite so called modern ( I am not to found of that expression, since all notes, scales and chords are already “discovered” by now) chords and expressions. Two choirs, where the female choir (or boys choir) sings in unison at the first and last movement together with the mixed chorus. A small instrumental ensemble consisting of an Oboe, Bassoon, String quintet & Organ. The duration of the piece is set to about 70 minutes. No arias. Just the intense story itself, where one need one major soloist more: Christ, as a bass-baritone. The other smaller parts are done by members of the choir. I choose the gospel of St Mark since it was very straight forward, shorter and more likely to fit with the Swedish folk idiom. The Hymn texts was created by the famous Swedish author: Bengt Pohjanen.

    The work was premiered on April 4th, 2004 in Härnösands Cathedral. It was broadcasted by the Swedish Radio and got a very successful response. Since then the work has been performed over 60 times which has to be considered as an achievement for being a contemporary piece. It has also been performed in Norway, United Kingdom and the USA. It’s been recorded on CD. After almost 15 years I felt that I wanted to make a revision. It’s my first major attempt and I have since then written several oratorios and passions. With this revision I want to simply some parts to make the work technically more accessible. That counts for both the soloist part as well as the choral sections. I also want to address some textual issues and of course some clarifications in the score. At last I have changed the organ part, the orchestration, so that you now is not depending on an organ with pedals. This new version will be published this year as well as being premiered on April 4th (Falun) and April 5th (Stockholm). This means that 2021 there will be a new version obtainable which suits the fact that St Mark is the official gospel during the time of passion in our churches.

  • A new composition delivered!

    It’s always a special feeling to deliver something that you worked on for a long time. Today I delivered a commission from The University of South Carolina, USA: STABAT MATER for 2 soloists (Alto & Tenor), Mixed Choir, Woodwind quintet, Harp and strings. It has a duration of about 50 minutes divided into 18 separate movements. I started the process last year in February and had already done a first complete set of music in March. But it’s a good thing when one have plenty of time to let things grow within yourself. A lot of things happens while time just passes. So after being busy with many other projects I started reworking everything in September and really get into the orchestration which finally ended up with a new version by the end of October. I also had to produce a vocal score with a piano reduction and that I finalized just before Christmas. Today I made the delivery and are very satisfied!

  • My website is in progress – please be patient!

    As you can see I have now started to add content to the missing menu “Works” , but it takes a while for me to set this up due to the fact I have so much work to do just composing. On Wednesday I have to deliver the score to STABAT MATER, a big work for mixed choir, wood wind quintet, harp and strings together with 2 soloists! I also just started a big revision on my first oratorio, A Swedish St Mark Passion, which will be premiered in its new appearance in April in both Stockholm and Falun. More on this soon. Tomorrow I’ll go to Helsingborg to present what I have written so far on another huge project: “St Matthew Passion” for Solo quintet, Mixed choir and Orchestra. However, the premier will not take place until Palm Sunday 2022 so I still have time to work on this! I also want to address the fact that there are no possibilities to place comments on my blog. I just don’t have the time needed to edit and supervise that. Still, if you have questions or thoughts around my music, feel free to write me a note via my Contact page. I try my best to answer within reasonable time. I end this blog post to give you a tip about a nice & brand new performance of an older piece from 2006, Laudate Dominum, with a great choir, organist and conductor from Denmark. Very lovely indeed!

  • TERRA MATER (Mother Earth)

    Had a very good start on this year: Just delivered “Terra Mater” (Mother Earth) for mixed choir a cappella to be premiered at the World Choral Symposium in Auckland, New Zeeland in July. The Stockholms Musikgymnasium Chamber choir who is invited with their conductor Helene Stureborg are behind this commission as one of this years guest choruses.”

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!

    I leave the year 2019 with a great feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. During this year I’ve worked on several big projects. Some of them just getting started and some of them completed. Lux Mundi (The Light of the World) was an exciting joint commission by the English Baroque Choir & London Nordic Choir. I delivered the piece (3 movements; Faith, Hope & Love)in the beginning of September and the world premier will happen on May 16th in London. I also delivered five different organ pieces. “Fanfare on St Paul” was commissioned by the Cathedral organist of Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim and premiered at St Paul’s Cathedral in London in September. A “Ragtime” premiered by Dewi Rees at Jesus College, Cambridge. A “Waltz” for the Dutch concert organist Aart Bergwerff and finally two major pieces commissioned by the American concert organist James D Hicks. One is a brand new “Prelude, Aria & Fugue” and one is a revision of an early piece: Triptyche. Both to be premiered next fall, 2020, in Norway and in USA. I also have had the privilege to work on two Oratorios. I signed up for a big St Matthew Passion for soli chorus and orchestra at Helsingborg’s Maria Church. It’s a huge piece and I have managed to complete a set of 13 Psalms (from the Bible) orchestrated for mixed choir, harp and percussion which will be interleaved in the work in the same way that chorales are in a Lutheran passion. During 2020 I will start to work on the passion story itself. Otherwise has my main focus been on a Stabat Mater, commissioned by The University of South Carolina Aiken and their assistant professor, Joel Scraper. An oratorio for 2 soloists (Soprano & Tenor), mixed choir, Woodwind quintet, Harp & Strings. It consists of 18 separate movements and about 50 minutes in duration. The World premiere is planned to happen in September and I will deliver the full score before January 15th. During 2019 I also started a new collaboration with Norsk Musikforlag and have already published three editions although we just begun 3 months ago. In February I received an honorable Prize, The Norwegian Publisher’s Prize. In May I was in San Francisco to participate in the world premiere of the commission “Ascension” for Male Chorus a cappella, performed by The Golden gate Men’s Chorus. In May there was a world premier of an organ version of my beloved Requiem in Stockholm followed by two performances in Germany in July. This version will soon be out in January on Gehrmans. Besides all these intense work I have been fortunate to experience a lot of other things around my music as recordings & concerts. I feel so blessed and I look so much forward into what will develop during 2020. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

  • A brand new Commission signed!
    It is a true pleasure to end this fantastic year 2019 with signing a new big German commission for Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz. A GLORIA in three movements for 2 Soloists (Soprano & Tenor) Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra to be premiered during a Jubilee 2021. I will begin the composing process during January and will deliver this piece before 1st of December 2020. I will be updating how the work progresses so stay tuned!

    It is a true pleasure to end this fantastic year 2019 with signing a new big German commission for Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz. A GLORIA in three movements for 2 Soloists (Soprano & Tenor) Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra to be premiered during a Jubilee 2021. I will begin the composing process during January and will deliver this piece before 1st of December 2020. I will be updating how the work progresses so stay tuned!

  • Merry Christmas to my audience!

    Back in 2006 I came across a sweet and naive little poem by one of Sweden’s most known and read poets, Bo Setterlind. It was included in a small Nativity play written for the church in the town, Strängnäs, where he lived. It was Mary singing for her little newborn, almost improvising in the moment I felt. I heard the Angels singing “Silent night” in the background and had that as my initial idea. As you can hear she also joins the Angels and briefly sings parts of that hymn as well. In addition to the original in Swedish there are also adaptions in English and German. It’s published on Gehrmans The performance on this video is by the eminent choir ORA Singers, London.

  • Ragtime in Midwinter!

    Right before Christmas my latest publication has reached the counters. It’s available as both hard copy as digital download! Listen to this enchanting performance and get the feel of the music!

  • A 10 Years Anniversary !

    Today, on December 19th, 2009, my Christmas Oratorio was premiered at Gothenburg Cathedral in Sweden. It feels unreal so much time has passed since it feels like yesterday back in my mind. “A Swedish Christmas Oratorio” was commissioned and composed with the idea of a work that was influenced by Swedish folk music but yet a contemporary work. For the first time ever a Soprano voice was given the role of the Evangelist. I asked one of our more famous Swedish poets, Ylva Eggehorn to contribute with new texts for the including hymns. I asked her to focus on the fact that God eneters the world as a vulnerable child instead of a King in full glory. A sign that God is, except for all of us, especially on the side of those who are poor and umbrageous. I also choose to include the parts in the gospel St Matthew where the slaughter of young boys occurs, instructed by the coward King Herod. This helps us understand what Christmas is all about, God’s victory over evilness, that though this sweet little child later on will hang on a cross it is for a reason, to conquer death and give us eternal life. Oh, I sound like a preacher, but for me as a composer I prefer to have as a rich and trustworthy story behind me before even compose a single note. My Christmas oratorio has a lot of joyful and jubilant moments as well, in fact, most of it has the atmosphere which we normally combine with the Holiday, but by contrasting the light towards the dark it shines even brighter! The oratorio is scored for two choirs, one mixed choir (SATB) and one female or boys choir (SSAA). The orchestra consists of a wood wind quintet, strings and organ. The work is published on Gehrmans! On December 21st the work is performed in Söderhamns church, north of Stockholm

  • Welcome back to my site!

    I apologize that it has been a while and that the website is still under construction.

    My old site was very outdated in its formate and needed a big change.

    I hope you appreciate this more effective and simplified style that I now present.

    I will certainly do my best to update it but please be patient cause I have so many commissions and tasks to deal with and I’m sure you all are more interested in what I’m actually producing in form of sounding music!

    Just return now and then and you will see the progress, both around my music as with the actual website itself.

    Right before Christmas I am able to present all the menus except for the largest one which is the complete catalogue of works. But it will show up in the beginning of next year I hope.

    Meanwhile you can take part of audios and videos on the home page and the latest news around performances that I personally know of and that brought my attention.

    On this blog I will post both news about concerts in more detail, commissions, publications and other news as well as trying to tell you a bit of what I am working on at the moment.

    See you around – and Merry Christmas!

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