A 10 Years Anniversary !

Today, on December 19th, 2009, my Christmas Oratorio was premiered at Gothenburg Cathedral in Sweden. It feels unreal so much time has passed since it feels like yesterday back in my mind. “A Swedish Christmas Oratorio” was commissioned and composed with the idea of a work that was influenced by Swedish folk music but yet a contemporary work. For the first time ever a Soprano voice was given the role of the Evangelist. I asked one of our more famous Swedish poets, Ylva Eggehorn to contribute with new texts for the including hymns. I asked her to focus on the fact that God eneters the world as a vulnerable child instead of a King in full glory. A sign that God is, except for all of us, especially on the side of those who are poor and umbrageous. I also choose to include the parts in the gospel St Matthew where the slaughter of young boys occurs, instructed by the coward King Herod. This helps us understand what Christmas is all about, God’s victory over evilness, that though this sweet little child later on will hang on a cross it is for a reason, to conquer death and give us eternal life. Oh, I sound like a preacher, but for me as a composer I prefer to have as a rich and trustworthy story behind me before even compose a single note. My Christmas oratorio has a lot of joyful and jubilant moments as well, in fact, most of it has the atmosphere which we normally combine with the Holiday, but by contrasting the light towards the dark it shines even brighter! The oratorio is scored for two choirs, one mixed choir (SATB) and one female or boys choir (SSAA). The orchestra consists of a wood wind quintet, strings and organ. The work is published on Gehrmans! On December 21st the work is performed in Söderhamns church, north of Stockholm


- composer -