An update from a very busy composer

I wish I had more time to write on this blog but I’m all swamped with different tasks. Right now I’m in Italy for a few weeks involving myself in finishing up different major projects. It concerns both the revision of “A Swedish St Mark Passion” (which I told you about in my latest blog post) as the final orchestration of “Stabat Mater”. At the same time I’ve started out working on two other big commissions, “St Matthew Passion” and “Gloria” both bigger pieces for choir, soloists and orchestra. But even more, there are several minor works to deal with on their way to be published, proof readings, contracts and other stuff. I’m so happy being in a situation where my music matters, still, sometimes I wonder where I can find time for all of this. It’s a struggle, but a fine one! Now it’s been almost a month since my last update, I will have to be better on this but at the same time you will by now know why I am a bit behind!

Here is a photo from Cortona in Tuscany, Italy where I’m staying right now. FST (The association of Swedish Composers) owns a flat here with a studio which members can use free of charge. It’s a very inspirational and relaxing environment to be a part of and I feel very blessed to be able to have this working situation..


- composer -