In these uncertain times it’s easy to loose hope. The cultural section has especially been damage by the partial closing of societies due to the Corona virus. Very few concerts are being held with limited audiences and conditions. The plans for the future are also affected when everyone is so unsettled by what the futurity might bring in form of regulations and restrictions. One has to be a hard-bitten person not to be negatively influenced by this situation. But as a composer I have to keep an open heart and trust that there will be better times when my music anew can prosper around churches, concert halls and different venues. These crises has not affected my need to express myself by music and I feel very blessed having several big projects to work on while the live music world is put on hold.

The big projects are; Stabat Mater for 2 soloists, Mixed choir & Orchestra commissioned by Aiken University, South Carolina, USA. Gloria for 2 soloists, mixed choir & orchestra commissioned by Evangelische Jugendkantorei der Pfalz, Germany and St Matthew Passion for 6 soloists, Mixed Choir and Orchestra commissioned by Helsingborg’s pastorat, Sweden. Two days ago I got a new commission – will tell you in a new blog post very soon!


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